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Opening the Rodwell Files

To say that we’re excited about Eric Rodwell’s upcoming book, The Rodwell Files, might be the understatement of the year. Perhaps the best — and certainly one of the most accomplished — players in the world, Rodwell is as formidable a teacher as he is an opponent. His original “Rodwell Files” were little more than a loose set of notes, passed from hand to lucky hand, outlining Rodwell’s groundbreaking style of card play. After over twenty years, those rough notes are now yielding to a definitive treatment, fleshed out and expanded by Rodwell himself, with countless illuminating examples from top-level play. Almost any reader is guaranteed to encounter ideas and techniques they have never seen before.

The Rodwell Files, already shortlisted for the IBPA Book of the Year, will be available in print and as an eBook in a matter of weeks, but for readers who can’t wait we’re divulging a sneak-preview sample (download it here) and sharing our thoughts on the biggest bridge book of the year (literally as well as figuratively: the finished tome weighs in at a hefty 400 pages).

Here are our “The Rodwell Files“-Files:

The Rodwell Files — an editor’s perspective: Editor Ray Lee on how The Rodwell Files came to be, and the roles he, Rodwell, and BRIDGE Magazine publisher Mark Horton played in wrestling the insights of a groundbreaking career into a single cohesive, enlightening volume.

Eric Rodwell … bridge champion and now bridge author: Linda Lee gives some personal background on the book, and on why she is so excited to see Rodwell’s “secrets” spreading through the bridge world.


johnOctober 2nd, 2011 at 3:48 am

who is the publisher of the book?

CorneliaMay 1st, 2016 at 11:51 am

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